CO serves as a resource for training, support & leadership development: our goal is to network and build small communities, to enhance the academic needs and train adults in technology and literacy.

CO serves as a resource for training, support & leadership development: our goal is to network and build small communities, to enhance the academic needs and train adults in technology and literacyMore than 50 Chicago Public Schools will be closed before the first day of the fall 2013 school year. Most of those schools are in minority communities. While politicians site budget reasons for these school closings; $400 million has been earmarked to build more prisons in Illinois. Prisons are not the solution for young men and women who have not been given the proper education and the necessary skills to succeed in life. So, Changing Oasis, Inc. Founder and President Audrey Woodley, a former math teacher with CPS, will be sponsoring an event that includes a fund-raiser to collect funds to help open up an educational facility specifically dedicated to helping young adults 18 years and older earn their high school diploma; Registration for young adults interested in participating in prep classes for the high school diploma exam; and, a school supplies drive to collect school supplies donations to be given to cps students this coming fall school semester.

It is imperative that we stem the tide of our youth being incarcerated at a high-rate and in large numbers. Unfortunately, recidivism becomes more likely when our youth get out of jail and they don’t have a high school education or the necessary skills needed to join today’s workforce. Consequently, they return back to prison. This vicious cycle continues to wreak havoc on families and communities and destroys the hope and promise of a better future.

According to factual data “Dropouts earn less than their peers who have earned high school diplomas and are more likely to end up in prison.” said Audrey Woodley, a 15-year Chicago public school teacher. Also, she said “I am very concerned about the school to prison pipeline. It almost seems as if the funding that was taken from the schools which resulted in massive school closings was earmarked for the future incarceration of our youth who themselves have been victimized by a failing educational system.”

It is the goal and mission of the Changing Oasis Foundation in cooperation with our “Literacy 4 Change” initiative to provide young adults who have dropped out of high school a viable alternative to the streets and a real path to a high school diploma. Young adults 18 years and older can participate in our high school diploma drive kick-off by coming out , August 16, 2014 at Changing Oasis, Inc. Head Quarter’s, 2532 W. Warren Blvd. at 12pm-4-pm. People interested in earning their high school diploma will be given the opportunity to register to take prep classes that will help them in passing the high school diploma exam. And, they will also receive helpful information about other educational services and resources available from various providers.

“More than in years past, following the school closings; our young and non-traditional students need to be given the right tools to succeed and not be made to rely on a broken educational system that continues to fail them. They need encouragement and to be taught how to become independent-minded, self-reliant and empowered to control their own destiny”.

As a life coach Audrey has helped countless individuals achieve their personal and professional objectives through goal planning, personal responsibility and accountability. She believes that this type of structure is what is needed to help anyone succeed. Audrey enjoys many aspects of the education process and believes that people with the gift of teaching or mentoring will find that volunteering for this community outreach initiative will be a very rewarding experience for them and the people they help.

Also, if you are unable to volunteer for the high school diploma drive, please feel free to donate school supplies for our school supplies drive. Your donation(s)will definitely be a blessing to parents who struggle to afford the school supplies their children need. And, it will help cps students be more prepared to learn and complete their assignments.

Ms. Audrey Woodley was the host of her own radio show on Intellectual Radio and she will be the key-note speaker for an empowerment hour of encouragement and words of wisdom along with other speakers in the

“Em-Power Hour” segment of this event. Don’t miss your opportunity to get lifted. For more information about this upcoming event, contact Audrey Woodley at (773) 309-1047.

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