Membership Packages

General Membership

$45 per Year

  • Includes volunteer opportunities

Small Business Coaching

$125 per Year

  • Business Consulting & Marketing
  • Speaking Training
  • Teleconferences
  • Workshops & Seminars

Educational Development

Upon Request

  • Variety of services offered.
  • See Educational Development Services.

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Changing Oasis offers several empowerment packages created to assist its members in developing their business ideas or for the established business owner; improving their business model.

“The Enterprising Woman”

"The Enterprising Woman" package, empowers the member to: $499*

  • identify her personal life goals
  • identify her marketable talents
  • identify related training if she wishes to cultivate a new marketable talent (some referral services available)
  • learn to utilize her personal and professional relationships to further business opportunity
  • learn to use social networking to minimize the cost of basic business marketing and advertisement
  • build business relationships and make connections with other business women at Changing Oasis Networking events ~ Workshops(4)
  • learn to attain a more positive outlook through a 30-minute personalized coaching session which is beneficial in helping her achieve her life goals.

“Work Smarter Not Harder”

The "Work Smarter not Harder" package empowers the member to: $249*

  • Utilize the internet to identify Web-based tools for business marketing and advertisement~Workshop
  • identify and acquire technologically advanced tools for faster and easier payment process
  • Refocus energy on innovative ideas to renew outside interest in her business
  • Personalized coaching sessions two 45 minutes
  • Pink Pump’s Tech Next Level Workshop Series

“If you Build it Better, They Will Come”

The "If you Build it Better, They Will Come" package empowers the member to: $199*

  • Identify multi-level marketing strategies to increase residual income
  • Build your presentation with our social media and Ning website
  • Know your Worth business building calls (2)
  • Pink Pump’s Tech Next Level Workshop series

“Referral Partners”

Referral Partners: Business Package $200*

Women who have and can demonstrate a specialized skill are encouraged to become Referral Partners of Changing Oasis. When you become a Referral Partner you will be able to contract with Changing Oasis to receive client referrals. Referrals will be based on the member’s needs and/or membership packages. All Referral Partners are required to contribute (on a non-paid volunteer basis) their specialized skills to 3 group sessions (Instructional or Training Seminars) per year. We believe that the Group Sessions will provide the Referral Partner with greater business exposure and create more opportunity for them to advertise their services and products to individuals who may want a one-on-one consultation.

*Includes basic membership

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