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Back To School Gala

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Embracing your beauty ‪#‎IamAudrey‬

At times I felt like giving up because no one believed in me. I felt left behind and even worse, they knew it. I worked very hard and asked God to direct me, because you see Little Dorothy wasn’t the only girl that lost her way on the yellow brick road. There are many of us at the crossroads, about, money, career, and men. So, don’t be afraid of rejections, and your decisions you will make. I always knew I had a gift of becoming making things happen, but when your resource isn’t there, what can you do but stare. Many days rolled by and I just knew one day someone would help me with my dreams, instead of letting them die. You see my dreams and destiny was calling me, but who wants that job of helping me to aspire. I see myself walking in the image of every little girl that yearned for love and support. Now, that I’m older, I’ll reach back and pull myself up, because we have deals to close, businesses to open and books to write and other’s to inspire. So, don’t let those little stumbling blocks hinder you, they were there only to make a bigger you. © 2013 Audrey L. Woodley

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Audrey Woodley~

Ms. Audrey L. Woodley, BS, MA The Lifestyle Coach & Speaker, Radio Host, Social Media Specialist, and Promoter.


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Favorite Bible Scripture

If you have a favorite scripture that you couldn’t live without, what would it be? and why?

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Who’s in your circle ?

2 Corinthians 1:1-7

Love~Witnessing ~God ~Salvation

When, I think about how far I have come and what God has brought me through, I get excited with myself. I want to thank God in advance for what he’s about to do and what he’s already done.

I have a special circle that have developed over the years, and I can say it was nobody but God.Some times my light shines so bright people try to block me and they’re trying to figure out. Why is my light shining so bright? It’s God’s doing. I was raised by my grandma who kepted me grounded. I stayed in the word when I was a little girl,  and I didn’t understand it. But now it’s all coming to past. Some times you got to go through it , so God will put his hand’s on it.

So right now, I getting excited again. He brought some more light in my life, and I want to tell you. They know thet they have a special place in my life.

Thanks for everything that you saw in me, when I sometimes didn’t see it for myself.


Audrey L. Woodley














**? If this is you join me


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My Life “Makeover Parties”

Be Inspired. Be Empowered. Be Transformed.
Now in it’s second year and retitled “Your Life Makeover”, these sessions have helped women:
  • Create deeper relationships
  • Be  more confident
  • Be more  open
  • Reconnect with  people
  • Live more boldly
  • Communicate more clearly
  • Increase  authentic relationships
  • Rebuild  relationships
  • Transform your love life
  • Enjoy more intimacy
  • Manage  your  emotions
  • Develop healthy   bonds
Makeover Your Life:  Improve the quality of your life today with weekly coaching sessions held by phone.  As your teacher and coach, I will personally support and guide you in improving the quality of your life.  In addition to the weekly sessions, you will be able to follow a self-directed, 90-day coaching program in any life area with online journaling!  Topics for “Your Life Makeover” include:

Find Your Focus Live In The Now Goals vs Intentions Define What Drives You Reconnect To Your Passion And Purpose
Know Your Worth Embrace GratitudeAsk Powerful Questions Empowering Relationships Create Supportive Habits and Systems

It’s Like a Coaching Class For Your Life! Register

“Your Life Makeover” meets weekly for 60 minutes via telephone, with a new topic each month.  Sessions are limited to 15 people.  Enrollment is accepted on an ongoing  basis.  Private sessions are available for groups of 5-15 people.  

CERTIFIED TEACHERS & COACHES: Contact me to begin facilitating your own “Your Life Makeover” sessions!

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Changing Oasis Radio

Changing Oasis, Inc- Proverbs 4:25-26

(Personal and Purpose plan)

Mission – to empower you on our core values, family, spiritual, career, finances, and business.


GED tutoring, Transition homes and shelters clothing, and professional development.


Social Media Workshops



Home-based business



Partnerships- Openings , 6/18, 6/25, 7/2, 77/9, 7/16, 7/23, 7/30



Researh your warm market and cold market

Educate Personality test Accord Management 805-230-2100

Appy your knlowledge ans skills

Plan a six month goal and claim a financial Friday(evaluate your fincancial habits, what are you willing to sacrifice, meet with your spose/partner, keep a spending journal, what does success looks like to you?

Upcoming Guest:

Kimberly Reed ~ Reed Consulting and Management

Ryan Hodge~ Black Folkes Hot Spot

Maurice Mahon ~ New Face of Soul


Monday Morning prayer Sister Omera Mahon @ 10am CST 556-546-1200 code 815 848 693

Nchantment Shoes 712 432-0900 pc 123328# Located 4518 Cottage Grove # 773.548.3338

Chicagochixvirtual boutique with Latrise Collier

BLU Light 4th Friday in Downer’s Grove $10 admission room $99/Rany Smith

Ms. Audrey L. Woodley, BS, MA keep us on the go and download the app.

Changing Oasis, Inc. /Business Coach & Speaker

” The TOP Life Coach” & Radio Host Questions?Call 773.307.1047

Intellectual Radio tune in Monday Night’s @7pm

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The Cycle of Life using “CPR” & “REAP”

Life Coaching Packages are available Now.

Make your destination SUCCESS when you reserve your seat on Changing Oasis, Inc. “Flight 2012”. Register Today.

Changing Oasis, Inc. inspires and empowers women and men through our CPR and REAP systems. We offer personal and professional development coaching for women and men. Our structured life coaching packages emphasize planning and implementing to ensure that the client is accountable to achieving his or her life goals. We are excited about this year’s theme, “Flight 2012”. Changing Oasis, Inc. radio show helps promote businesses and their partnership opportunities through advertising on our weekly radio show on Intellectual Radio. This type of marketing can take your business to the next level. Sponsoring packages are available for your budget.

Coming soon monthly Divalicious beauty with Jeunesse coaching for members $10 non-members $15 must register.

To schedule your free consultation and Life Goal Achieving Assessment contact Audrey Woodley at (773)309-1047

And Always Be Encouraged,

Audrey Woodley

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What’s Your True Calling?

As I was thinking about the title, I couldn’t have answered it precisely about ten years ago. But now, I can say I have been educating children for over fifteen years and I knew that I wanted to become a principal. Well, now I have started my own organization over two years now. I am the founder and coach for Changing Oasis, Inc. We offer leadership training, professional & personal training, spiritual mentoring, and empowerment networking workshops for women and men. Never give up on your dreams because they do come true.

Five simple steps.

Write the vision

Keep a journal

Invest in yourself


Have fun

“TOP Life Coach”

Audrey Woodley-Founder

Changing Oasis, Inc.

Changing Oasis. Destination... A Better You!