The Beauty of Business

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The Beauty of Business

The Beauty of Business

No one can define success for you. You have to determine that.”

Natasha West
Founder of West International Business Solutions

Live the Dream Tour

Is it August already? We have soared right through the year and it looks like the entrepreneurial woman is the new business man.  Women are taking over in this economy and although it’s getting easier for us, we still have to find our way through so many avenues that are out here to aide us in our journey.

Through social media platforms, where your voice can be heard, we are able to reach thousands of women (and men) with the click of a button.  But this isn’t what you signed up for.  You wanted to start your own business, so you did.  You finally have clients, that are not related to you and things are good.  Or are they?

Finding our target audience can be a difficult task. No one wants to turn away customers, but everything is not for everyone (like Aunt Mary’s fruitcake).  So here’s the deal?   Get on board with the Live the Dream Tour (#livethedreamtour), coming August 19th, 2014, to the Chicago area and surrounding cities.  The Beauty of Business Tour has partnered with women who inspire you to move beyond your fears and get started on your dreams.

Blog Talk Radio

Are you working on your dream or are you watching someone else’s dream unfold? If you are unsure, check out The Beauty of Business blogtalk radio station, where we are interviewing women who have taken the leap of faith, and are willing to share their tips on failure, fears, success and so much more.  Click the link below and take a listen. I can’t wait to hear from you.

Beauty of Business tip of the day

Discover your voice. Life will take you on a journey that will define who you are and only you. Sometimes it’s hard to find what make you tick. That thing that everyone talks about all the time and you can’t relate. How about this… that one thing you can do, day in and day out, and no matter how difficult the task was, you feel awesome. That’s your voice. This is what you are meant to do. Now go out and do it.

Audrey Woodley

Founder/CEO Changing Oasis Foundation

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