The Beauty of Business by Audrey L. Woodley

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The Beauty of Business by Audrey L. Woodley

I had the opportunity to see my twin NeNe Leakes. She graced us with her life as an open book. She came to encourage and empower us as the Keynote speaker at the Ultimate Women’s Expo. You know I took my camera, note pad, and my pen and listened to everything she put on the table. My life has been like picking shattered pieces of glass, and being in business comes with change and a shift. I’ve been able to look in the mirror and make some financial changes and look back over my flaws and build my empire. When NeNe came and graced the stage she gave us beautiful tips and words to chew on every day. Everybody has a moment, where you ask? What’s my purpose, Lord I’m tired of going this cycle of things not happening for me and I want to do your will. So here it is, don’t let what happen in your past predict your future. When NeNe talked about her upbringing and being raised by her Aunt, looking for love, not finishing school, not having any money, working in the strip club, and domestic abuse we all have a situation where we must go through trials and tribulations.  But more importantly are you willing to share your testimony. When you share your testimony, that’s when God gets the glory and you watch your breakthrough manifest.

I been through some of the same situations, but even more, putting myself through school and making sure that I’m ready for my next big break. I’ve been passed over, taking advantage of, and gifts been in questioned. But, when I heard NeNe say l”ove you hater’s and dream big,” I needed to hear that. My life has been attack since I lost my mother, and I don’t have her hear to listen to me, but I know without a shadow of doubt, that God wouldn’t bring me this far and leave.  me. I have to figure this thing out. The hurt and pain that I have experienced in this past year, you will run if you saw me coming because there is so my weight on life, I would run too. So, when NeNe spoke about abuse and the battle has not be easy, especially the divorce and remarried to the same man. Nene was able to pick up the pieces, and bring her life lessons to help us be better women. Women should support one another and lift each other up. We need more sisterhood and not tear each other down. Women have to get over the fear and stop thinking life is about them. You have to create the lifestyle you want, and have no regrets. People come into your life for a season and when God gets ready to elevate you, there’s going to be the resistant from your peers, and you have to know He has your back. Don’t go around hurting people or even discredit anyone, because each person that did not hold up their end, will have to deal with God. Many distractions and frustration will come your way, but you have to be strong and know the embracing all of these setbacks, you will have a comeback. Look at NeNe, she embraced all of her setbacks and she’s able to share it with the world. She’s rocking her fame and doors are opening up and people are turning their heads. Yes, you better come ready to get whatever you are looking for, don’t run from your hater’s let them play too. Because the truth of the matter, they are the reason you push even harder. Pray and ask God for your heart desires, no man can’t still your love, joy, peace, or happiness, you just have to keep on pushing because your time will come.

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