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Looking forward to Monday afternoon with LaTasha West

Looking forward to Monday afternoon with LaTasha West #Livethedreamtour and Business Coach for women that needs a transformation to start living your dream. #Networking #Branding #SocialMedia #BlogTalk Monday, August 5th 11am listener dial-in number:(516) 666-9919.

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Where Will You Be Saturday?

The Beauty of Business with Jo Malone Nordstrom Oak Brook celebrates the beauty in every woman. Very few things bring joy and nurture a woman’s femininity more than a fabulous fragrance.

It is the elegant event in the area designed to celebrate women in business, entrepreneurship and corporate leadership. We are pleased to announce this speaker line-up of leading Chicagoland Women: Jo Malone top expert will talk about the timeless and elegance… of individual statement plus share trends, tips and tricks, Audrey L. Woodley, Social Media and Networking Etiquette Coach, Omera Mahon, Chicago’s Top Image Consultant, and Dorris Burch, specializes in working with women to help them build truly deep, lasting, natural confidence.)

We will be hosting a highly transformational private luncheon at Nordstrom Oak Brook with World Renowned Jo Malone.

The Beauty of Business with Jo Malone
Saturday, June 28, 2014 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Nordstrom Oak Brook Jo Malone Boutique
10 Oakbrook Ctr,
Oak Brook, IL, US, 60523

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Empowerment Networking Series Blog

Empowerment Networking Series Blog

When the social media and networking events start to build your target market, “ching ching,” you are on to something significant!

Most of the time when you are looking to build your network – if you didn’t already start in college – you will have to take the time to study your market and know the current shortage or need in your particular industry.  Some of you know all about the hair or jewelry industry.  It’s understandable, luxury, high style and bling are fun things in which to indulge.  But, you have to go beyond the surface.  I’ve noticed that most women don’t want to study their market, and usually spend more money into buying supplies, than building a team and a down line to make the money work for itself.

You have to be the master of your plan, girly.  Know when to make cuts of people and habits that don’t serve you.  It’s time to get a new bag of friends when you’re working towards success and they are out party hopping.  Sometimes the haters are the ones closest to you.  We all know how these people operate; they will should up to your event just for the food, then talk you down to everyone else.

So, now that you have the business, you have to KISS with them.  There’s nothing like making them see you eat off the success that you’ve built.

When you’re building your network and your circle of influence, you begin to see a shift in your meetings and conversations.  You will even see some of your social media buddies fall off, or un-friend you, because they are not ready to see your growth.

So what makes someone a successful networker?  A successful networker is a powerful negotiator.  Being a powerful negotiator helps you keep your game tight and the revenue coming on a weekly basis.  Just like in basketball, you need a dream team.  That Bulls weren’t built overnight.  You have to get a successful coach, practice, business plan, marketing, and balance.

Next you must decide your short and long term goals, stick to those goals.  Move with intention.  There will be days when you get side tracked.

That’s when you have to have your game plan tight and make it your business to stay on top.

Audrey L. Woodley (c) 2014

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How to Network by Audrey L. Woodley

How to Network by Audrey L. Woodley

Today at the Leading Ladies International founder Larvetta Smith.  Beautifully put together by her creative team.  I Dare You to be Bold and live beyond your dreams.  The event was sponsored by, Verizon, CORK, and MB Financial.  Two things to do at #networking events is one to listen to the advice of the professionals, and second bring your business cards to connect and be sure to follow.


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Embracing My Beauty Empowerment Expos(ure)

Embracing My Beauty Empowerment Expos(ure)

Every business requires a certain amount of exposure and/or advertising before it can gain traction. When it comes to entrepreneurship as a woman, gaining attraction and positive attention for your business can be difficult. You have to contend with a host of different issues before you can develop the business you’ve always dreamed of, That is where we come in. .

At Embracing My Beauty Empowerment we with with our affiliate partners to highlight their talents and brands for the world to see. We believe that Women in Leadership enrich the lives of those around them and the companies that they develop.

By Audrey L. Woodley

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Single Moms Club

Dear Single Moms Club,

My name is Audrey L. Woodley, looking for a club to connect with my son who’s 15. I’m a single parent for almost 10 years, and my biggest support was my mother, who left us last year to cancer. Being raised by a single parent isn’t the easiest thing to do. Many times my mother wasn’t able to pay her car note, rent, and bills. My dad wouldn’t support and she had a nervous break down. Sitting and listening to Iyanla Vanzant, Oprah Winfrey, Nia Long, and Tyler Perry, gave me a sense of hope. I’m going to forgive my mother, because she did the best that she could. The movie “Single Moms Club” helped me realize, that I should feel guilty, that I’m doing the best that I can to raise my son to be somebody’s husband. I need to get back to loving what I do and set boundaries with my son, when I’m dating. We are excited about the #Lifeclass coming this Friday OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network. The best day off ever #Singlemomsclub by #TylerPerry photo’s by Audrey L. Woodley and Lateesha Beloved Thomas, we were #empowered #inspired #motived Oprah’s Lifeclass with Miss Nia Long new movie #SingleMothersClub March 14th. Iyanla Vanzant blessed us with her life coaching Tyler Perry always on point with his wisdom.

What was special about this film is the Tyler Perry didn’t have a young boy to play the role in the movie, he thought he was going to have to have someone to audition for the part, and Nia Long, suggested why not my son. She hired him an acting coach and he audition and got the part. Now her son Kawma appreciates the work his mother does, on and off set. Check out the Official Nia Long.

Written by Audrey L. Woodley

FE Ent. & Social Media Boutique

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Professional Elevation Purpose Group (PEPG) Book Club

Professional Elevation Purpose Group (PEPG) is a book club dedicated to lifestyle/career development & empowerment.
That’s right, no 400 page romance novels!
Each read will focus on different aspects of leading your own definition of a successful lifestyle.
We welcome all young professionals, entrepreneurs and career driven women to join us!
To remain cost efficient, PEPG’s elected books will be available via for less than $12.99
(used and E-Book version).
We will also vote on suggested reads from group members monthly.
PEPG Meetings will be held one Sunday per month starting with the month of March.
Below is our 2014 application to be completed for PEPG Membership!
PEPG New Member Meet & Greet is Sunday March 16, 2014 featuring Brunch (Southern Style) & Bellini Cocktails!
Meeting Location : Undisclosed
There is a non-refundable application fee of $25.00 that will be due within 7 days AFTER you receive an acceptance email.
This is ABSOLUTELY a journey to be shared, we look forward to hearing from you.
Alice Foy, Empiire Marketing & Promotions Co.
Application Deadline : March 10, 2014
I’ve invited you to fill out the form Professional Elevation Purpose Group (PEPG) Book Club. To fill it out, visit:


Miss Audrey

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Support Go Red For Women

Note: All post shared will be entered into to win a foot spa set from

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The Life You Live Is The Legacy You Leave

The most impressionable and lasting thing we leave here on earth
is a thought.
That thought can be one that portrays and remembers us as
loving, kind, gentle and giving
Or conversely, hateful, unkind, harsh and selfish
Every good act is the result of a good thought
and so the opposite also holds true as well
The debt we owe is the one in which we have… allowed negative thinking to perpetuate itself into negative actions toward others
Our debtors are those who have perpetuated negative actions toward us and we have failed to forgive them
Our Heaven will be the place where all those good thoughts are rethought by those whom we have shown love
Our Hell will be the place where all those bad thoughts are rethought by those whom we have not shown love
But there is real hope and Salvation ….As we forgive, we are forgiven
“Forgive us our Debts as we Forgive our Debtors”
and our sins are cast into the sea of forgetfulness never to be recalled again! Thus, destroying the very thought of Hell.© Rochelle Redd, January, 2014

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Changing Oasis Foundation

Well, it’s been a blast Rochelle Redd, planning and executing parties for Changing Oasis Foundation. When you know your talents and values people can’t take that away. We’ve made our mark and I’m not scared to do it even bigger and better. The seeds we’ve planted will bring a full harvest, and if you give and not looking for anything back, God will bless you with a double portion. So, right now I’m going into 2014 expecting my double portion and I’m expecting God to show up and show out, because w/o His guidance and love, I will be lost. Thank you God for everything.

Changing Oasis. Destination... A Better You!