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2nd Annual Beauty For A Cause Brunch

Dear Community Partner,

After a fun and fulfilling inaugural year, Changing Oasis, Inc.’s 2nd Annual “Beauty for a Cause” Legacy Brunch is on the horizon. We’d love for you to join us as we celebrate beauty, bravery and breakthrough within our community while honoring those whose lives have been impacted by breast cancer at this uplifting event.


“Beauty for a Cause”

2nd Annual Legacy Brunch

Sunday, October 8, 2017

12:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

The Hemmingway’s Bistro

211 N. Oak Park Ave.

Oak Park, Il 60302


Complete with special guest speakers, an all-inclusive branding workshop and a Memorial Balloon Release in honor of those who have lost a loved one to breast cancer, this inspirational afternoon is one to cherish. Last year, we were honored to host 50 enterprising women, in addition to receiving generous donations from top beauty and fashion brands such as Jo Malone, Henri Bendel and more.

Please consider joining our Legacy circle this year by partnering with us to fund breast cancer research and education in underserved communities. I’d love to speak with you about available opportunities to align your heart and your brand with Changing Oasis, Inc.’s growing network of 500+ leaders and visionaries as an event sponsor. Together, we can help the women in our community live healthy, promise-filled lives.

Thank you in advance for your support! Please review the attached kit for additional details regarding “Beauty for a Cause,” available sponsorship packages and the transformational work we do here at Changing Oasis, Inc. I look forward to hearing from you.

Sponsorship Kit


Audrey Woodley

Executive Director



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What Your Brand Is Saying About Your Hustle

153677281_resizedOftentimes as entrepreneurs, we are overwhelmed with too many ideas, too many possibilities for where our business could take us next. We find ourselves lost in thought about what is going to our “next big hit”, and how much we really need to make it happen!

We have so many dreams, ideas, and good intentions, but not enough time, patience, money, or knowhow to back them up.

The sleepless nights and stressful days are a telltale sign of confusion, and certainly are not moving you forward in your business, or in life. If you see yourself in these words, it’s time to take a step back and take an honest and in depth look at where you are headed.

Two years ago, I made the decision to walk in my purpose. I invested in coaching, as well as programs that would help build my inner being. This lead to me creating an online blog talk radio show, and interviewing various influencers that have been successful in starting their own business. The people who already had been where I aspired to be!

I quickly discovered a common denominator between these inspirational people, and that was that they all had a true passion. More importantly, they were fulfilling a need to a niche market. They didn’t have to chase it down, they were working with their gifts, it looked almost effortless! And for most, their ventures began as an extra stream of income, and later developed into a full time business.

This year, on The Beauty of Business Tour, I was lucky enough to catch up with Kachelle Kelly , from Houston, Texas. This wonderful opportunity allowed my listeners and I the chance to connect with a woman that shared my passions, and those of many others – coaching, traveling, and spreading the word of God’s love.

Kachelle Kelly, Founder of Dream Hustle Pray, was on her 7 city tour when she stopped by Chicago to share her program. Eagerly awaiting her arrival were business women who were looking to learn how to take their business to the next level.

The intimate setting of Kachelle’s workshop allowed us to truly connect with one another, and took the level of commitment and interaction within the group to a whole new level. Her business and coaching styles are both so dynamic, you simply can’t help but notice her passion, drive, and love of the Bible Principle’s.

Many of us experienced massive “ah-ha!” moments and breakthroughs on that day.

I realized that I had been forcing aside my teaching position, a reaction inspired by the hurt I felt toward the school that had cut back on my position. I had been trying so hard to avoid saying “I am a math teacher”, but then Kachelle said “Why would you want to leave a corporate career when it’s still paying you? You don’t have to leave your paid job, but instead can fuse your corporate job with your entrepreneurial business!”

That’s when my eyes bulged and I proudly said “Yes, I’m a teacher. TeacherPreneur!”

I decided that I’m going to infuse my new found positive attitude into everything I do from now on, and use it to turn my coaching business around!

The Dream Pray Hustle was definitely a game changer (and life saver!) for me. I was able to openly acknowledge my passion for teaching, see how I can use that passion to rebuild my personal brand and business, and thank God for being patient with me on this entrepreneurial journey.

Kachelle Kelly’s 4 hour workshop will light a fire under you to get moving in your business, while walking you through the key strategies you need to build a successful business brand! In her Hustle Boss Box, you will find a #31Prayers book, journal, and other items that Kachelle uses to help her express her spiritual personality.

God gave us all a gift, and more than that, He has given us purpose. Don’t be so concerned by what others are doing, that you don’t see the path that has been laid out before you. Stay focused on discovering the vision that God has for you, and you will be able to find success in an area you are passionate about, while enjoying it every step of the way!.

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Changing Oasis Hosts Annual ‘Shop for a Cause’ Event Benefitting Local Students

Changing Oasis Hosts Annual ‘Shop for a Cause’ Event Benefitting Local Students
Local Not-for-Profit Organization Partners with Macy’s to Equip High School Seniors and College Freshmen for Academic Success
CHICAGO, Ill. – Changing Oasis announced today that the organization will host its annual Shop for a Cause event at Macy’s on August 29. Proceeds from the event will benefit local rising high school seniors and college freshmen in need of financial assistance to secure books and other school supplies.
“This event has been a tremendous success each year, and we’re so grateful for our partnership with Macy’s and the support of the local community,” said Audrey Woodley, founder of Changing Oasis and veteran educator. “We are committed to empowering and equipping local youth for success, and this event goes a long way in helping us to reach our annual goals.”
Now in its sixth year, Changing Oasis works to reduce the rate of delinquency among local youth through mentoring and character building and life skills programs. The not-for-profit organization also offers job readiness training, conflict resolution training, G.E.D. tutoring and other services for young adults.
For more information about Changing Oasis and the upcoming Shop for a Cause event,  
Since 2006, Macy’s Shop For A Cause Event has partnered with non-profit organizations nationwide to raise more than $47 million for their ongoing charitable efforts. This is your chance to be part of this monumental event on Saturday, August 29, 2015.
Shop For A Cause gives you the opportunity to help Changing Oasis, Inc. 5 Star Mentoring Program. Last year we helped college and high school students for their school supplies and college materials.
Purchase a $5 Shopping Pass (directly from Me) for exclusive savings in EVERY Macy’s store on Saturday, August 29, and 100{48ef88e1234506f17ac58c7cdfb19674d86f8ed474469bb5b22206a88af530a2} of the proceeds will go directly to Changing Oasis, Inc. Plus, you can enter to win a $500 Macy’s Gift Card.
Who doesn’t like shopping? Especially when the pass makes everything on sale!
Feel free message the Admin, for instructions on payment and an email you would like your pass sent to.
Purchase your pass here…
Audrey Woodley
Founder of Changing Oasis Foundation
Volunteers Wanted!

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Fundraiser Night at Panera Bread River Forest

June 15th Fundraiser Night at Panera Bread River Forest. Time 4pm-8pm and eat and connect and help raise awareness with our 5 Star mentoring program.



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Beauty, Brand & Book Signing

This year we’re having our own celebration and yes, Get Your Life. My dreams and goals has always stayed in front of me, so even when the storms come, which they will, I would bend and not brake. Take the moment and create opportunities when and remember you have choices. Choices to dwell in the past or move towards your future. I’ve been on a journey and created my own positive circle and met some dynamic women along the way. This year my book signing will give you strategies and tips to start and build your brand. We will have swag books, vendors, food, and great networking. We have some beauty brands to take home and special packages of We Are Onyx and Jo Malone. You can find these beauty brands on IG and follow them with #EMB2014. Register today


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The Beauty of Business by Audrey L. Woodley

I had the opportunity to see my twin NeNe Leakes. She graced us with her life as an open book. She came to encourage and empower us as the Keynote speaker at the Ultimate Women’s Expo. You know I took my camera, note pad, and my pen and listened to everything she put on the table. My life has been like picking shattered pieces of glass, and being in business comes with change and a shift. I’ve been able to look in the mirror and make some financial changes and look back over my flaws and build my empire. When NeNe came and graced the stage she gave us beautiful tips and words to chew on every day. Everybody has a moment, where you ask? What’s my purpose, Lord I’m tired of going this cycle of things not happening for me and I want to do your will. So here it is, don’t let what happen in your past predict your future. When NeNe talked about her upbringing and being raised by her Aunt, looking for love, not finishing school, not having any money, working in the strip club, and domestic abuse we all have a situation where we must go through trials and tribulations.  But more importantly are you willing to share your testimony. When you share your testimony, that’s when God gets the glory and you watch your breakthrough manifest.

I been through some of the same situations, but even more, putting myself through school and making sure that I’m ready for my next big break. I’ve been passed over, taking advantage of, and gifts been in questioned. But, when I heard NeNe say l”ove you hater’s and dream big,” I needed to hear that. My life has been attack since I lost my mother, and I don’t have her hear to listen to me, but I know without a shadow of doubt, that God wouldn’t bring me this far and leave.  me. I have to figure this thing out. The hurt and pain that I have experienced in this past year, you will run if you saw me coming because there is so my weight on life, I would run too. So, when NeNe spoke about abuse and the battle has not be easy, especially the divorce and remarried to the same man. Nene was able to pick up the pieces, and bring her life lessons to help us be better women. Women should support one another and lift each other up. We need more sisterhood and not tear each other down. Women have to get over the fear and stop thinking life is about them. You have to create the lifestyle you want, and have no regrets. People come into your life for a season and when God gets ready to elevate you, there’s going to be the resistant from your peers, and you have to know He has your back. Don’t go around hurting people or even discredit anyone, because each person that did not hold up their end, will have to deal with God. Many distractions and frustration will come your way, but you have to be strong and know the embracing all of these setbacks, you will have a comeback. Look at NeNe, she embraced all of her setbacks and she’s able to share it with the world. She’s rocking her fame and doors are opening up and people are turning their heads. Yes, you better come ready to get whatever you are looking for, don’t run from your hater’s let them play too. Because the truth of the matter, they are the reason you push even harder. Pray and ask God for your heart desires, no man can’t still your love, joy, peace, or happiness, you just have to keep on pushing because your time will come.

audreysigpicName: Audrey L. Woodley




Google video’s :




FB Fanpage:


Twitter: @changingoasis @alwoodley


Contact: (773)309-1047

Country: USA/Chicago/CST


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The Beauty of Business

The Beauty of Business

No one can define success for you. You have to determine that.”

Natasha West
Founder of West International Business Solutions

Live the Dream Tour

Is it August already? We have soared right through the year and it looks like the entrepreneurial woman is the new business man.  Women are taking over in this economy and although it’s getting easier for us, we still have to find our way through so many avenues that are out here to aide us in our journey.

Through social media platforms, where your voice can be heard, we are able to reach thousands of women (and men) with the click of a button.  But this isn’t what you signed up for.  You wanted to start your own business, so you did.  You finally have clients, that are not related to you and things are good.  Or are they?

Finding our target audience can be a difficult task. No one wants to turn away customers, but everything is not for everyone (like Aunt Mary’s fruitcake).  So here’s the deal?   Get on board with the Live the Dream Tour (#livethedreamtour), coming August 19th, 2014, to the Chicago area and surrounding cities.  The Beauty of Business Tour has partnered with women who inspire you to move beyond your fears and get started on your dreams.

Blog Talk Radio

Are you working on your dream or are you watching someone else’s dream unfold? If you are unsure, check out The Beauty of Business blogtalk radio station, where we are interviewing women who have taken the leap of faith, and are willing to share their tips on failure, fears, success and so much more.  Click the link below and take a listen. I can’t wait to hear from you.

Beauty of Business tip of the day

Discover your voice. Life will take you on a journey that will define who you are and only you. Sometimes it’s hard to find what make you tick. That thing that everyone talks about all the time and you can’t relate. How about this… that one thing you can do, day in and day out, and no matter how difficult the task was, you feel awesome. That’s your voice. This is what you are meant to do. Now go out and do it.

Audrey Woodley

Founder/CEO Changing Oasis Foundation

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The Beauty of Business Fall Networking Series

Chicago’s very own Teacher and speaker, Audrey L. Woodley, is a featured co-author in the new book release “Network to Increase Your Net Worth” which shows how to create powerful connections that positively impact your bottom line.

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