About Changing Oasis

Who we are:

Changing Oasis is committed to educating and building character of youth in Chicago,
specifically youth on the Westside of Chicago. We will increase students’ ethical
behavior, enhance their commitment to education, and reduce their rate of delinquency
through the proven mentoring, character building & life skills program.COI Literacy for Change program provides High School Dropouts or At Risk Youth with our character building and life skills programs.

What is COI?

Founder of Changing Oasis, Audrey Woodley, stresses personal
responsibility in finance management/budgeting, education and attitude. Changing
Oasis, Inc. participants are held accountable to their life goals through journaling,
positive mental attitude exercises, mentoring, life coaching, journaling, life skills, etc.
Audrey believes that whatever the dream; big or small, it can be achieved with the
fundamental knowledge that comes through education. Audrey encourages everyone
to build their success on an educational foundation, whether that is a high school
education, college degree or trade school training because she believes that knowledge
opens doors to more opportunities.

How does COI work?

Through research and some of our other community outreach
projects we discovered that many young adults in our community do not have the skills
necessary to be successful in school and career. This problem has so many negative
implications and impacts our community and society as a whole with such devastation
that we choose NOT to ignore it. We decided to give them a competitive edge through
our intense programming:

Programs & Services Offered

• Mentoring(5 Star Mentoring Progam)
• Character Building
• Career & Job Development
• Conflict Resolution Training
• Job Readiness Training
• Computer Training
• GED Tutoring(Math/Reading)
• Resume Writing Workshops

What is the impact of COI?

We are able to serve fifty to one hundred students annually.
Participants show that COI has powerful effects of having character building programs
and support include:

Higher Graduation Rate
Career Advancement
Increased Employability
Higher Wages
Changing Oasis will measure the success of the program. It will use student self-reports
of their own behavior, teacher observations, and grade records.
Improved character can last a lifetime and bestow crucial benefits.

Education and positive reinforcements breeds self sufficiency, since character requires
reliance on one’s internalized values. Education and self esteem strengthens families
as participants learn to show more respect and thoughtfulness for each other through
our character building and life skills programs.

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Changing Oasis. Destination... A Better You!